Your friend’s husband sounds like he’s at the extreme end of the spectrum and very intolerant, you’d be within your rights to kick him out of your home-would wonder why he’s so angry and has such strong views but your choice whether to continue to engage in conversation to uncover that.

My husband doesn’t sit that extreme along the spectrum and we’ve been able to have constructive dialogue that we’re both the better for.

I guess with this post I’m trying to convey that it’s as narrow minded to put all conservatives in a box and say that ‘they’re all ‘xyz’’ as it is to put all of a particular ethnic minority in a box and say ‘they’re all ‘xyz’’.

I think for every individual is an individual and nuanced political viewpoint and the world needs more tolerance and conversation rather than yelling at each other and assuming the worst.

Writer. Aussie. New Mum. Tired.

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