Something to Believe In

Our most fundamental desire may explain our love/hate relationship with politicians.

‘The idea of a god has been part of the human story since the very beginning…throughout the ancient world, religion was an ever-present feature of daily life’. Hugh Mackay

We have turfed most of what religion has to offer in our fast-paced, technology-driven world. We don’t need mystery because we have the answers. Certainly, many religions have done themselves no favours being plagued with scandal.

‘The wildly irrational faith we sometimes place in political leaders reminds us how vulnerable we are to our desire for something to believe in… how easily we forget that leaders are human and therefore frail, flawed, conflicted and corruptible’. Hugh Mackay.

Are we disappointed in our politicians because we expect so much from them? They should be the very embodiment of our values and ideologies. But humans, as we know, are messy contradictions; full of darkness and light.

‘Unlike religious faith, faith in leaders can neither console nor comfort us in our disappointment, let alone in our struggles to make sense of our own lives’. Hugh Mackay

I wish I felt less apathy about politics. Cynicism is over-rated.

Writer. Aussie. New Mum. Tired.

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