Maybe it’s different in America but I certainly don’t think all conservatives ‘hate and fear women, gays, smart people, non Christians and brown people’ (maybe there’s better terminology you could use there).

You’re just as intolerant as the group you’re rallying against, claiming that you know exactly what every single conservative believes and that they are the ones with a problem. You say they don’t seem stupid and backwards, they are stupid and backwards as though you have clear-eyed judgement on the whole group.

Isn’t that what liberals are fighting against, having minorities being shoved into the one group and labelled as such? Why can’t we extend the same grace to those who think differently from us?

I think it’s arrogance and immaturity to point the finger and say ‘they need to change’ without trying to understand or engage in conversation which I don’t imagine is happening much in America either, just a lot of yelling and vitriol which has never got anyone anywhere, has it?

Writer. Aussie. New Mum. Tired.

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